The Academy of Model Aeronautics(AMA) is the governing body for model aircraft in the United States. The main benefit of membership is that the AMA provides $2.5 million dollars of liability insurance while flying model aircraft. This coverage is secondary insurance. You will also receive the AMA monthly magazine as part of your membership. AMA membership is required by the club as it ensures that the club member is covered by liability insurance hence covering the club.
  The AMA also has a Park Pilot Program which is available at a reduced cost while restricting plance size and speed.
  Our flying field is privately owned by the club, The main runway is 400’ by 32’ with a secondary runway of 200’ by 32’. We have recently installed a 100’ by 12’ shelter to provide some protection from the sun. The field is gated and locked, as a member of the club you will be provided a key to the gate. You must have a current AMA membership to fly at our field.
  One of the most important aspects of the club is maintaining communication with club membership. The club maintains a website at The club also publishes a monthly newsletter titled “Turbulator” which is emailed to the club membership the week before the monthly club meeting. I usually have a printed copy at the club meeting.

Glen Nesbitt is our membership director. Please call him at 505-892-5702 if you have questions.

•Online AMA application
•Online club application
•Downloadable club application(Zip File)


Park Pilot Program Information

To Join please fill out the online club application and submit. Then you will need to
submit your annual dues as outlined below..
Club Dues are $50.00/year
Dues may be submitted at a Club meeting, at the Field or Mailed to:

Bill Ryan
612 Sonora Rd NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144